Bangladesh workplace safety accord and alliance show benefits of broad participation in building sustainable supply chains

The influence of the Bangladesh building and fire safety Accord and Alliance on labour conditions in global supply chains should not be underestimated. Despite targeting only a small even if very important part of the supplier landscape, some of their approaches could useful and possible to apply also more broadly….

Social auditing in global supply chains is an essential tool for defending human rights and improving labour conditions

Demands to give up social auditing in global supply chains continue to emerge in different connections. Part of a political debate, they have not contained any realistic proposals about how to substitute these audits with other ways of gathering the information needed for improving conditions. There have also been regular…

Patents on agribusiness GMO stop poor developing country farmers from saving their seeds for the next planting season

Monsanto and other agribusiness multinationals seek patents and get intellectual property rights for genetically modified seeds which they develop. Farmers are not allowed to save them from their harvests and reuse them for the next season. What this means for the farming industry in the United States, Australia and other…

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